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Beard Hardwoods delivery truck loaded with hardwood lumber

Beard Hardwoods

About Us

Our History

Three Generations of Hardwood Excellence

Beard Hardwoods has a rich legacy rooted in dedication and resilience, starting with E. Neilson Beard, Jr., who began his lumber career at 20. In 1919, he joined Darnell-Love Lumber Company, and by 1920, he managed the Chicago sales office for Turner-Farber-Love Company. From 1925 to 1930, Neilson was vice president of Canse-Beard Plywood Company in Memphis, TN, before moving to North Carolina.

In 1930, during the Great Depression, Neilson Beard founded E.N. Beard Lumber Company, influenced by Tom Broyhill of Broyhill Furniture and Bill Bassett of Bassett Furniture. As one of North Carolina's original wholesale lumber merchants, his business thrived.

Thomas "Tom" Beard joined the business in 1956 after serving in the Army Finance Corps. In 1968, he and his father started a dry kiln operation to serve both domestic and international markets. The company later became E.N. Beard Hardwood Lumber, Inc., under the ownership of Tom Beard, Fred Sievers, and Henry Sienkiewicz, growing into a leading wholesale hardwood firm.

Today, John Beard, E. Neilson's grandson, continues the family legacy as President and CEO.

Beard Hardwoods Leadership Team
Beard Hardwoods founder, E. Neilson Beard, Jr.
Beard Hardwoods second generation, Thomas Beard

Our Team

Experienced and Ready to Help

Reliable Quality

We pride ourselves on our ability to ship orders on time, exactly as ordered. We never cancel any orders, and with our close proximity to three major eastern ports, we can ensure your projects stay on track.

Customer Service

With decades of experience, we offer unmatched customer service that builds long-term partnerships. Our friendly and experienced team is always available and responsive to your needs.

Agile Operations

Our size and efficiency allows us to adapt quickly to industry trends and economic changes, providing the flexible solutions our customers need to stay ahead of the game.

Why Choose Beard Hardwoods

Unwavering Quality and Reliability

At Beard Hardwoods, our mission is to provide superior quality hardwood lumber while maintaining a steadfast commitment to reliability, customer service, and sustainability.

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